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A BOSU Balance Trainer or BOSU ball as it is often called, is a fitness training device, invented in 1999 by David Weck, which is made of an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a stable platform. It is also known as the “blue half-ball” because it is like a stability ball cut in half .

The name is an acronym for “both sides up” a reference to the two ways a BOSU ball can be positioned stands. The BOSU ball is often used for balance training. When the dome points upwards, provides an unstable BOSU ball surface while the device remains stable.

This combination of stable / unstable allows its use to a wide range of users, young, midaged, or top level athletes,or even injured athletes.

With the dome up, the ball is used for physical and aerobic exercise . As the name implies, the device can also be reversed, so that the platform faces upward. In this position, the device is highly unstable and can be used for a variety of exercises, as well.

Locust Pose With Bosu Ball

Plank Extention Pose With Bosu Ball

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