Vinyasa Yoga is the part of yoga where asanas-pranayama-mudras are merged together,to give a flow of asanas and make them a “chorography”.

Here is how Vinyasa is described :

It is connecting asanas (postures) together,to create a continuous flow.It combines breath (pranayama) with synchronized movements to move onto the certain poses .Vinyasa is the rythm in yoga,as it gives the tone in the transitioning through the asanas.

Vinyasa Yoga should be performed from the yogi as it is like the rythm in music one needs to play correct music.Practicing Vinyasa will help you reach Shamandhi and will give you health and harmony.

Vinyasa is also used to describe the sequence of the asanas that are performed within Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog) in Sun Salutations sequence.

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