TACFIT Commando is a training system created by Scott Sonnon .Scott Sonnon is a trainer who is credited since 2007 with three entries into three halls of fame:

  • the National Fitness Hall of Fame
  • International Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • and the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame

Scott Sonnon was voted one of “The 6 Most Influential Martial Artists of the 21st Century” by Black Belt Magazine in 2010.
Scott Sonnon was named one of “Top 25 Fitness Trainers in the World” by “Men’s Fitness Magazine” in 2011.

Coach Sonnon has long time being known for his training programs ,and his workouts are now adopted by The Navy Seals,Marines and other military units,in their training programs.

In the videos ,coach Sonnon explains with details all the exercises so you can get the best possible results.It also comes with complimentary material like the Nutrition Guides (Deluxe Edition only) that make it a complete fat burning program.

Scot Sonnon`s TACFIT Commando Training System is a training program that comes in two editions:Basic Edition TACFIT Commando Deployment Kit and The Deluxe Edition TACFIT Commando Deployment Kit .

The TACFIT Commando Basic Edition comes with the following components:

    • TACFIT Commando Mission Brief Manual
      This 119 pages ebook will teach you training secrets used by Spec Ops ,to get and maintain a strong,fit and flexible body ,that will keep you ready for any situation that requires the involvment of your body.
      You ll be taught how to build functional muscles,sofisticated movement skills,you ll strengthen your joints and connective tissues and make them injury proof, and finaly get a toned ,commando-like body!


  • TACFIT Commando Mission Calendar
    This mission callendar will guide you to perform and practice all the exercises in TACFIT Commando staying within its schedule.It will make it simple to follow the TACFIT Commando program as you ll find the appropriate exercise to perform in each step you take.Just find what is next to do,watch the video and perform the exercise!

  • Video Mission Briefing Instructional Library
    In the 9 high quality videos ,coach Sonnon guides you with details on every level for each exercise for every workout,with unique thoroughness and manner.
    You will be able to watch the videos in three different formats:
    online streaming
    mp4 desktop download
    m4v for portable devices and iTunes!
  • Secret Recovery Techniques of the Special Ops Video Series
    Learn and watch how TACFIT Commando integrates a Prasara Yoga Flow along with a complete joint mobility session .This gives great results in short time,and also is getting you on the way to strengthen your joints and connective tissues and make them injury-proof and more flexible.
    The videos included will help you keep improving your overall performance and physical condition every time you practice!

    Aswell these exercises are great for those who are recovering from injuries and are allowed to exercise.Faster and safer those exercises will do the work and get you back again!

Here is what kind of results you can achieve with TACFIT Commando:

Applying the training and techniques in Tacfit Commando you ll see great changes in your body,health and overall physical condition.Here is exactly what you can achieve from using it:

  • Fat Burning – Practicing TACFIT Commando will help you burn body fat ,as all the workouts increase matabolism and so,after you have finished practicing you continue to burn fat for hours!Tacfit Commando is great program for burning fat,and along with the nutrition guides who come together with it,becomes a complete fat burning program.
  • Muscle Building –While Tacfit Commando won`t help you build huge muscles,it will help you build a body with hard muscles and full of flexibility.Aswell you will soon start seeing developing muscles in several parts of the body which you propably have never thought that you had muscles in these parts .
  • Full body, strength and power development – Practicing the exercises in TACFIT Commando you will improve several movements and physical condition.
  • Injury-proofing your body –By practicing the exercises in TACFIT Commando,not only you will strengthen your whole body and muscles,but you will also strengthen your joints and connective tissues.You will help your body do more difficult movememnts while reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Broad and specific performance enhancementPracticing TACFIT Commando you will increase your movements range,energy and strength ,but also mental strength ,as by folowing the program you will practice specific mental exercises.

So in short,practicing TACFIT Commando exercises ,you will improve a wide range of training goals and also get more benefits for your overall health:increase metabolism,get higher bone density,lower blood presure and in general all your systems will function healthier.

Scott Sonnon`s DVD`s & Downloadable Videos


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