Prasara Yoga

Prasara Yoga is a type of yoga that was developed at around 200 B.C. and today is mostly practiced by athletes and martial artists.But prasara yoga flows are for anyone and can improve physical condition fast ,with only a few minutes practicing a day.
Practicing prasara yoga consists of combining several different asanas into dynamic movements (flows) instead staying still in yoga positions for long time.By practicing prasara yoga flows the athlete / martial artist strengthen their bodies and helps avoiding injuries.
Prasara yoga is now adopted by armies in their training programs.

Prasara Yoga Flows

Prasara Yoga – Lizard Flow

Prasara Yoga Flows-Pocket Wheel

Prasara yoga Scorpion Twist

A demonstration of Prasara Yoga. This clip shows a transition from Scorpion pose to Spinal Twist and back again

Prasara Yoga – Dragonfly Transitions

This video shows the three Dragonfly side to side transitions.
You can use one of the transitions to switch from one side pose to the other side pose.

Prasara Yoga Benefits

Prasara yoga is an innovative type of yoga that combines the posing and breathing techniques of traditional yoga and links them together through sequences of dynamic movement (flows).

The result is a quick transformation of your body to healthy, energetic and toned. By practicing Prasara Yoga a few minutes a day you will enjoy several benefits in your body and health:

Increased Flexibility and Range of Movements
Practicing Prasara Yoga ,lingaments and tendons are getting more flexible and limber,and so they can perform a wider ranger of movements.By stretching during practicing the flows,the joints get loosen up and the lactic acid that is built up in the muscles gets away,and so it relieves muscle pain and stiffness.Prasara yoga is very relieving in chronic back pain and arthritis.

Increased Strength
There are five basic shapes in Prasara yoga, and each is designed to target a specific muscle group. Going through the different forms every part of the body gets exercised and strengthened.The forms are all easy to practice, and so is a great way for beginners to start practicing yoga.

Healthier Heart
Prasara Yoga is a great cardiovascular exercise,as by constanlty in motion while exercising improves heart function and blood circulation and lowers blood presure and heart rate.Practicing the prasara flows keeps heart young and well functioning and lowers down the heart diseases risks,hypertension and diabetes.

Increased Mental Clarity
Yoga`s benefits in mental health are many and already known through the thousands of years of yoga practicing.Memory,concetration and balance get improved,while stress and anxiety are decreased and the result is to have more energy and positive thinking and mood.

Practicing the prasara yoga flows for a 15-20 minutes a day can have great results for your physical condition and overall health in a short time.It is also a funy way of exercising as with the addition of the movement between the asanas is more enjoyable and less boring than staying still in a position for long.

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