Karma Yoga

The word karma is coming from the Sanskrit Kri, meaning ‘action’.
Karma Yoga is described as the way of acting, thinking and willing, by acting in compliance with one`s duty (dharma) without regard or expectation to personal selfish desires, likes or dislikes . In Karma Yoga ,one acts without expecting any profits from his actions.

The Purpose Of Karma Yoga

The purpose of Karma Yoga is to purify the mind and so to achieve a higher level of spirituality.

Karma Yoga involves selfless action. The word karma itself means action – all the actions that come from an individual beginning from his birth until his death. Most importantly,karma is the path to doing the right thing. Hence the 35 practice of karma yoga means giving up the ego to serve God and humanity.

Karma Yoga comes from the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita,which is sometimes respectfully referred to as “the New Testament of Hinduism”. Service to God through serving others is the foundation of Karma Yoga.

Krishna explains that the action done without selfish expectations purifies his mind and gradually makes an individual able to see the value of reason.So Karma Yoga compared with other yoga styles is a path to a higher level spiritual situation.

Karma Yoga Asanas

In Karma Yoga there are not specific asanas.Instead of focusing in the physical matters of a pose,in karma yoga the practicing of a pose is made to help accomplish the specific development needs on one`s way to higher spiritual level.So in karma yoga a student/teacher can perform asanas from other styles that can help cover the different needs to one`s way to spiritual enlightment.

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