Nadis are all about energy flow in our body.Nadis are not nerves but rather channels for the flow of the energy of consciousness. Nadi literally means ‘flow’. It is like the electricity that flows in the electric wires.

Just as negative and positive energies of electricity flow through electric nets, the same way, the shako prana (life force) and manas shako (mental force) flow through every part of our body via the nadis. The tantras texts are talking about 72.000 or more nadis through which the energy flows as an electric current in a network.

Three Different Nadis

There are three different Nadis in our body:


The Nadis are described like the tubes through which the pranayama flows in our body.

Ida is located at the left side of the body while Pingala Nadi Is located at the right side of the body.These two nadis are often said that are associated with the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

The Pingala Nadi is associated with the right hand part of the body and for the left hand part of the brain.Inside Pingala flows the Prana.

The Ida Nadi is located at the left part of the body and is associated with the right hemisphere of the brain.Inside Ida flows apana .

Sushumna is the central channel and connects all the Chackras together.Inside Sushumna flows the Kundalini when it awakes .

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